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ooookay. [Tuesday
April 18th, 2006
dono where to start. nothin important to say. stop reading it cos this isnt gona be worth your time. in fact it will be a waste. im a corrupt little individual. i will come off as innocent at first. then sarcastic/harsh. then just empty and youll see right through me. if you get to know me well enough that is. and i suggest you dont. most people dont anyways, smart human beings they are. im jealous. im self concious. i cant stand being ignored though, cos attention is the only thing keeping my mind off of other, more important things, even though it never comes. im scared of people changing and growing away from me. im scared of losing my best friends, i guess that makes me paranoid. yeah thats about right. i want to figure you out, i want someone to figure me out, i want to figure me out. i want to be taken care of. im sick and tired of trying. sick of all the effort and it not making a difference. sick of feeling guilty, for what? assholes? if competition comes my way, i will back down almost immediatly. i really dont even know what i want to say, i just know theres something thats gotta come, somethings crawling beneath my skin and i dont want it there anymore! i wish i was older, i wish i could afford a car. and when i do get one i wont drive you & yr freshman friends around. unless you pay me. preferably with booze. im just here. with my records. ooo those vinyls. keepin me slightly sane. i want tattoos. i want school to be over. this weathers really got a hold on me. i wish someone had a hold on my heart. i want you to ask me questions, anything you want to know. ill be back for more.

asdfghjkl [Monday
March 20th, 2006
Are there any lookers out there these days? i needa find a neat rocknroll boy to suit my likings.

whatev mayn [Tuesday
March 14th, 2006
scenestrz are mega annoying. i think im gonna be like my dad in the aspect where im never gonna grow up. ha! i just wanna rock n roll, never gonna do what im told, never grow up, never get old! oh nikki corvette. whatever im jumping around, but i dont rly care. shits goin pretty alright these dayz, aint got room to complain. only thing is i want myself a lovrboy.

March 14th, 2006
[ mood | hungry ]

suckin on mah titties like he wanted me, callin me all the time like blondie, check out my chrissie behind its fine all of the time like sex on the beaches.

Haha. some shit at school today was in the hall before zero hour "liek omgz i luvv yr sunglasses!" 'ya aright asshole so do i thats why i took em.' and apparantly this grl was talkin shit to peach later that day "omgz that kym hooper girl is a bitch!" ya well suck cock! this same twat said shit about sarah n that was her first mistake. Today was prob the easiest school day ever. delayed start. assembly. sewing. lunch. tiedyed shirts in chem?. 7th hr we talked about the assembly & date rape. and home basically. someone gimme 20 dollars.. cos i need cell phone minutes. i told a buncha kids the bad news about the band. they all laughed, like it was funny er somethin! haha which it totally is, but it sucks too. i got nothin to say to you! fk!


mmQYWRHSWa.idk. [Saturday
January 21st, 2006
[ mood | cold ]

Went to Hooters with KV saturday, it was cool cos i havent seen that lady in foreverrr. We caught up on junk. School was lame. Sewing started haha, people are so dumb. The grlz in there are so airheaded. I went home sick wednesday cos i couldnt hack it, so i just hung out with my lame brother and listened to vinyls, ha. rest of the week was lamelamelame. There was a swell show tonight, and it was pretty intense. I dug it alott. it was lame cos i had to go at 11, but it was coool anywayz. Gah, ive got this lame retreat to go to with mum this weekend. Its from tomorrow at about noon til sunday mornin. suuucks. but sarah bisch will be there, we'll make the best of it and probly screw with alotta people. of all weekends, honestly. fk.


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